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Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers, Attorneys and Legal Professionals

Guaranteed Placement

Top Ten "Page One" Ranking Guaranteed
We help you to stay ahead of competing attorneys, lawyers and law firms with our 100% search engine complaint optimization methods. By maintaining compliance with all webmaster guidelines and terms of service set forward by search engines, such as Google, we achieve higher long term search engine rankings for our clients.

Our Guarantee

We place your website on MULTIPLE Google certified traffic bearing keywords, which you receive in advance, before you pay any monthly fees. This means that our guarantee, unlike other SEO company guarantees, targets actual keyphrases that potential clients are using to find an attorney online. Our guarantee is there to make sure you succeed online.

Experienced Lawyer SEO

OVer A Decade Of Result Driven Experience
Our legal search engine optimization specialists have been optimizing websites for top search engine placement for over twelve years now. During that time they’ve optimized hundreds, if not thousands, of websites, which gives our SEO’s an unparalleled understanding of the complexities and inner workings of today’s search engine algorithm.

Ethical Attorney Website Optimization

Ethical Methods and Standards
We believe that ethics in Search Engine Optimization extend well past remaining 100% search engine compliant. In fact while we do maintain this 100% compliance at all times, we also understand that maintaining ethics in our relationship with our clients is paramount to establishing long term trust and a mutually beneficial relationship.

What Makes Our SEO Programs Different

SEO Services for Lawyers, Attorneys, Law Firms and Legal Professionals

Top Ten Guaranteed!

Our expereince and methodology allows us to offer optimization programs that guarantee you top ten page one placement on certified traffic bearing keywords! There are no monthly fees (and that includes our dedicated hosting) until we get your site into the top ten on certified traffic bearing keyphrases!

Guaranteed Exclusivity

As long as you are our client we will not take on any other client within your target market. You can always be assured that you're getting the best possible service in your local area.

Monthly Ranking

Easy to understand monthly ranking reports that clearly show you the increased rankings you are receiving month after month!

Enhanced Competition

Know who your online competitors are and their current online stats!

Optimized Content

We work to optimize all of the pages and content of your website so that they're not only consumer friendly, but search engine friendly. Also remember that over optimization with the content area's of your website is very possible, especially with todays search engine algorithm, that's why you need a professional SEO company with the experience to do things the right way.

Comprehensive Keyword
and Keyphrase Research

We will create a comprehensive list of all of the target keywords and keyphrases that are currently driving traffic online. You will not only know exactly what your potential new clients are searching for in terms of a legal professional, but also exactly what traffic producing keywords we are targeting on your behalf!

Image / Speed

Google has recently released a part of their ranking algorithm that points to the speed that a website loads as a major component in that sites ability to rank. When it comes to consumers you can have as little as 3 seconds to grab their attention. With the average lawyer website taking over 60 seconds to load on a 56k connection, every second that you can shave can mean higher ranking and more clients.

If we designed your website you can be assured that your website is optimized for search engine and consumer viewing speed.

Code Optimization

Most web designers utilize "lazy standards" when it comes to their designs. Their code is often bloated and very rarely optimized for search engine spiders. Our expert designers will optimize the source code of your website to todays high web and search engine standards. Search engine Algorithms use your websites source code more and more in their calculations, so it needs to be right!

If we designed your website then you can be assured you have the very latest in web code technology.

And Much Much More!

When it comes to legal search engine optimization for lawyers and attorneys, we've got the methodology and experience to make the difference in your online marketing!. Contact us or Request a Quote today!

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